Right Sizing & Move In

When It is Time to Downsize...

Every situation and family is different. At Smooth Transitions, we are here to help you navigate this difficult move as smoothly as possible. Whether you just need direction for you and your family to do it yourselves, or you need the complete caring transition provided by our professionals, we are here for you.


Moving is not a small task

Moving can be very difficult for you and your family. The stress of deciding and sorting what to keep, sell, donate, or recycle, changing utilities, packing, coordinating the move, unpacking, readying the house for sale, selling valuables, donating items, finding a Realtor, selecting lawyers, and more. All of it can be overwhelming.

We simplify transitioning

Downsizing to the right size and matching services needed for care does not have to be a difficult venture. Most families tackling this transition on their own will typically complete all the needed steps in 3-6 months. Working with Smooth Transitions we can complete all the steps in 2-4 weeks depending on the situation.

Smooth Transitions provides the peace of mind that a compassionate professional is there every step of the way, coordinating everything with the same personal attention and care that you and your family would give.

Keep What Makes it Home...

To some, it may seem like a broken brooch, a loose button, or some other item to be tossed. But to you, it is a symbol of a timeless love from times past and it is more valuable to you than anything else. We understand.

Your Smooth Transitions team has the tools to help you and your family decide what they wish to keep, recycle, donate, sell, and — most importantly — move to the new home. We then work with you to make all that possible.




Helpful Resources

Smooth Transitions Brochure Smooth Transitions Brochure (757 KB)

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Transitions can be overwhelming, and not knowing what you don't know can just add to the stress. In just one hour we can help you and your family understand the scope of what needs to be done and give you guidance for doing it yourself. We can even bring you a copy of the workbook "Moving for Seniors" written by our founder Barbara Morris.

You guys are terrific! Thanks so much for everything!

Jackie L. /

Jackie L.

Karen and Richard, 

     The move was perfect and I will definitely refer your business going forward!" 

Jodi P - Community Director /

Jodi P - Community Director


We're in our mid-80's and could never move ourselves. Richard,, Karen and team took over all the laborious stuff involved in downsizing and moving us into an assisted living home. It was a very "smooth transition" and when we arrived in our new digs we were ready to go. We are thankful for this team of caring people that have gone the extra mile.


John B /

John B



I can not say enough good things about Richard, Karen and Smooth Transitions. They were a lifesaver for my Mom and myself when we had to quickly downsize and move her. Their attention to detail was only matched by their kind and caring manner working with my Mom during a stressful time. I would highly recommend them and have given them rave reviews to all my family and friends!  

Liz K /

Liz K

I first met Karen when she began volunteering at the White Oak Ecumenical Outreach Ministries 10 years ago. She exerts exceptional energy and drive with maturity and judgement of a settled professional. She listens and accommodates in the best possible ways available. Her kind heart and thoughtfulness is superior while keeping everyone's dignity intact. Her undeniable faith lets her inner light shine.

Lorrie F. /

Lorrie F.

Words can not express our deep affection and appreciation for the great job you did to make our "transition smooth." You are very well organized and know all the right people to call. And very compassionate. I hope you don't mind, but we have adopted you as a member of the family.

Patrica M. /

Patrica M.

All in all, this has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. Certainly we couldn't have done it so smoothly without your assistance.

Susan and Cameron T. /

Susan and Cameron T.

Richards' calmness under pressure, logical and innovative approach to problem solving was undoubtedly a major contribution to the success of the project.

William W. /

William W.